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1.Founded in May 17 of 1994,Dalian Dexin New Technology Engineering Co., Ltd was registered in Dalian Hi-Tech industrial Park. The first electric bolt fastening machine with computer management system which is self designed and developed with own  intellectual property right is put into service in FAW engine assembly line instead of the original old imported equipment and filled in the            domestic technological blank and achieved a good result.


2.Dalian Dexin was awarded the title "Dalian Hi-Tech enterprise" in 1996 and designed and produced car mounted LED display          screen and put them on the market in the very year.


3.The technical Dept and R&D team was moved to downtown office from development zone in 1997 and sales revenue for bolt fastening machine has reached up to more than 3,000,000RMB in the very year.

4.The concept of adjustable spindle distance for multiple spindle fastening machine was put forward in 1997 for the first time and applied to several project successfully and solve the problem for domestic customer in the production mode of small batches and multiple categories with one bolt fastening machine to tighten the bolt for various kinds of work pieces which fill in the domestic technical blank and become the industry standard.

5.The second generation control system for electric bolt fastening machine with optimization of the first generation system was put on the market in 1998 and ensure the perfect system function and precise control.

6.The third generation control system for bolt fastening machine is put on the market in 2000 and the accuracy and function of the system reached to the same level as that of oversea bolt fastening machine. In the meantime, Dalian Dexin Group has upgraded the system of electric bolt fastening machine for three times regularly during 1995 and 2000 and finished development, standardization and industrialization for whole series products and so on.

7.Dalian Dexin M&E Technology Engineering Co.,Ltd as branch company was founded in 2001 and purchased the land for the new production base in Tianhong Development Zone of Xinzaizi Town in Dalian.    

8.New factory was put into use and the department for production, design, management and others was moved to the new factory in 2002.

9.Auxiliary equipment business division is established in 2003 and began to undertake project for   automatic production line, auxiliary equipment and special purpose equipment and etc.

10.Dalian Dexin Group was certified by ISO9001 in 2004 and passed the examination of ABB and BOSCH and become the qualified  supplier for non-standard  equipments for ABB and BOSCH. The press assembly machine driven by servo motor for rubber vibration reducer was designed and produced in the very year by Dexin.     

11.Dexin Group had a successful cooperation with ABB for the project of engine assembly line in FAW Deutz(Dalian) Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd and undertook part of subcontract project for assembly line and auxiliary equipment in 2005.


12.Dexin Group entered the textile machinery industry and undertook the project for automatic assembly line of  textile spindle, textile machine bed and end, various kind of non-standard equipment and testing equipment during 2005 and 2007.The assembly concept of automobile industry is successfully implemented in the textile machinery industry by Dexin Group.


13.Dexin Group has entered the nuclear power field from 2006 to now and undertook the project for several non-standard equipment, 7 automatic assembly lines and various kinds of bolt fastening machine, press assembly machine and several measuring machine one after another. The concept for assembly line is brought in the nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry and dramatically         increased the assembly level and won national award. Dalian Dexin Group designed and manufactured automatic production line with several gantry robot during 2011 and 2012 for China Nuclear New Energy Investment Co. ,Ltd which is used for material loading and    unloading for multiple NC lathe and machining center and has acquired a couple of  innovation, special technology and technology     patent and etc.        

14.The total production value reached up to nearly 200,000,000RMB during 2007 and 2008 and Dalian Dexin Auxiliary Equipment Technology Engineering Co., Ltd was established in the very year to undertake exclusively the design and manufacture for automatic production line, auxiliary equipment and special purpose machinery and designed and  manufactured assembly line for cylinder body ,cylinder head and several non-standard equipment for Baoding Great Wall Automobile Holding., Ltd . Dalian Dexin Auxiliary  Equipment Technology Engineering Co., Ltd  undertook and completed the design and manufacture of the complete two engine assembly line and more than 30 sets of its accessory non-standard equipment for Power HF Co., Ltd.   


15.The bolt fastening machine made by Dexin Group was put on international market in 2008 which is applied to automobile engine, connection rod production line, MPV ,heavy duty truck, final assembly line of special car and become the first domestic manufacturer which entered the international market.


16.The engine assembly line, bolt fastening machine, press assembly machine and leak test machine for V12 red flag celebration review car were completed and handed over for the celebration review ceremony of 60th anniversary of the founding of P.R.C in 2009 and made a great contribution to the significant event.The socket selector was designed in the very year and became the series products.


17.Dalian Dexin Group got into successfully wind and electric power field in 2010 and undertook the project for automatic assembly of wind & electric power facilities ,bolt fastening machine and acquired many patents and filled in the domestic technology blank. Among them, the technology of automatic bolt fastening machine for variable pitch support and yaw device won the international PCT.

18.Dalian Dexin Group got into high speed rail field in 2011 successfully and undertook the project for automatic assembly  line, press assembly and bolt fastening machine and realize the stream line production for dismounting  and assembling      vibration reducer and end cover bolt fastening of series products for high- speed rail and greatly improve the production    efficiency and assembly quality .All the innovation technology have filled in the domestic technical blank. 

19.Dalian Dexin Group acquired more than 60 domestic invention patents , utility model patents and 4 PCT and was honored "Dalian patent demonstration enterprise" during 2010 and 2015.The automatic connection rod bolt fastening machine for Chengdu Precise CNC machine tool Co., Ltd is designed and manufactured in the very year  and has been exported to Iran.

20.Dalian Dexin Group entered the environmental industry in 2011 and designed and manufactured the press assembly machine for motor spindle for ITT company of Sweden. The bolt fastening machine was imported to Myanmar in the very year.

21.Dalian Dexin Group undertook the project for assembly line and measuring equipment for the motor of new energy electric car and its drive and so on in 2011 and designed and manufactured the first assembly line for new energy car motor, drive and its accessory parts. A couple of technology applied in the project has filled in the domestic blank and acquired a couple of invention patents and utility model patent.


22.The automatic bolt fastening machine for lid opening and closing for nuclear waste disposal was successfully designed and manufactured in 2012 and the technology acquired technical patent and   filled in domestic blank. The automatic bolt feeding system is designed and manufactured in the very year which realized unattended operation in bolting fastening station.       

23.Dalian Dexin Group has successfully supplied several sets of bolt fastening machine to Brazil factory of Xuzhou Heavy Industry Co. ,Ltd and FAW South Africa factory and gained  "Best supplier award" during 2011 and 2013.Portable ABS testing instrument was developed in the very year and applied in the project with good reputation. The tire bolt fastening machine with automatic following and return function has been designed and manufactured by Dexin since 2011.  


24.Dalian Dexin Group undertook and handed over the project for RGV cart conveying+ catering type assembly line for various types of engine assembly line in 2014. Project for roller conveying+ AGV catering type cart for various kinds of engine assembly line were greatly praised and acquired a couple of technical patents in the very year.


25.The 10000Nm bolt fastening system was put on market successfully in 2014 and applied to project and worked together with  REXROTH-BOSCH to produce the first linear rail comprehensive index tester in the very year.            

26.Automobile engine assembly technology seminar with assistance of Dexin Group was held successfully in May,2013 in Dalian and provide communication platform for main engine plant and its accessory equipment component supplier .

27.The celebration ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the founding of Dexin Group was successfully held in 2014 and the customers and auxiliary equipment partners from home and abroad were invited for the ceremony and commonly shared and witnessed the development milestone of Dexin Group and put forward the future company development direction and worked out company development strategy for production of the best quality products and creation of the famous products brand based upon the industry. Doing business with the highest credit and embracing the future with wisdom will be the future business concept of Dexin and will make its own contribution for the revitalization of China equipment manufacturing industry in 2025.

28.Dexin Group is the only manufacturing enterprise in Dalian to attend ceremony of prize-giving under the recommendation of CCTV program "Winning by brand" in 2015 and get brand promotion on LED screen in the time square of New York city. 

29.The standardization and serialization for servo pressure press assembly equipment and control system is designed in 2015 and internal and external locking mechanism is successfully put on the market.


30.Automatic needle roller assembly line for planetary reducer gear is designed and manufactured in 2016 and the fastening machine for the end cover of warhead core is designed and manufactured in the very year for Chongqing Changan Automobile Co.,Ltd and the bolt fastening machine is widely used in military industry.


31.The automatic smart loading line with multiple robot with function of visual identification and error proof for engine cylinder body, cylinder head and camshaft assembly line were designed and manufactured and handed over to our customer in 2016 and is highly praised by our customers and make our smart manufacture technology reach up to a higher level.  


32.In order to fulfill our development strategy of making the most competitive products and creation of famous brand .Dalian Dexin Group has worked together with German enterprise for joint design and manufacture of smart and multi function fixture component and robot fixture and its application and some other series of product etc. In the meantime ,free laundry detergent industrial washing machine with environment friendly and energy saving function is being produced and promoted.


33.Since 2004 Dalian Dexin Group has built up a partnership with Heller. TUV, COMAU, Okada GuGang machine.NTC/YNC,MAZDA,MHI, Toyoda machine, Honda Motors Company, Nikki Denso, Dentsu, ESTIC, Swedish Atlas, American Ingersoll rand, German Cooper ,Desoutter, JWFOEHLICH, French ATEQ,JAPAN COSMOS and so on to provide our customers with solution and associated equipment and establish the win-win business relation with above company and boost the popularity and brand effect of Dexin product greatly.