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1.Bolt tightening for car wheel:

Bolt fastening machine with 2 spindles (adjustable center distance and suitable for different requirement for various kind of distribution circle

Be compatible for  5 and 4 spindles and suitable for fastening 10 and 8 bolts;

Be compatible for 5,4 and 3 spindles and suitable for fastening 10,8 and 6 bolts;

And be compatible for 4,5 and 6 spindles and suitable for tightening 12,10 and 8 bolts and etc.

2.Bolt fastening for rotary support :

Single,2 and 3 spindles and hanging up type and automatic single robot arm type; 

3. Bolt fastening for winch bolt of crane:

There are 10 and 12 bolt with 5 and 6 spindle bolt fastening machine corresponding to them;

4,Bolt fastening for the supporting wheel and sprocket releasing  wheel of crawler type machinery :

There are 4 bolts for one group which can select 2 or 4 spindles for bolt fastening machine;

 5.Bolt fastening for caterpillar bolt of crawler type machinery: 

Either to be hanging up type or sliding type and movable gantry type; There are 1,2 and 4 spindles for option and its assembly composed of caterpillar fastening and conveying and binding process and so on which formed one assembly line for caterpillar.


Single spindle bolt tightening machine with slewing support (Bolt tightening from bottom to top)    

3 spindles wheel nut tightening machine(automatic position changing)

5/6 spindles winch bolt tightening machine (Position changing mechanism with linkage)


2 spindles wheel nut tightening machine(automatic position changing)

3 spindles bolt tightening machine with s slewing support (Design of variable position changing)

6  spindles winch bolt tightening machine( horizontal tightening )

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