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Automatic rotation support bolt fastening machine for wind and electric power variable pitch and yaw rotation and bolt fastening machine for speed increaser and brake.



1.Use 3000Nm fastening spindle with torque range of 300~3000Nm        

2.One time fixing and positioning and finish fastening and double check for the whole work piece automatically.

3.Automatic conversion of three side, Levelness measurement and positioning for the whole process without manual intervention

4.Screen graphics displaying for bolt fastening process and easy to find out the problem with graphics indication.

5.Bolting sequence and mode and double check method could be done by PLC.

6.Spindle distance is adjustable with good flexibility for different work pieces.

7.The fastening and double check data is recorded automatically and is able to generate report for future reference and print them out

8.Configured graphics HMI and up-level computer with daily self check and cross check function while machine is started. Automatic reminder for the confirmed and not confirmed will be indicated to avoid system error and man-made wrong operation if any discrepancy of lower and upper level computer and current setting with the one prior to power off. Strict confirming process is available for product changing and ensure its processing reliability.

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