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1.Bolt fastening machine for car wheel with 2,3,4,5 and 6 spindles (Vertical position);

2.Special bolt fastening machine with adjustable center distance and spindles number such as changing from 5 spindles to 4 and 3 spindles for universal usage to fit for the car wheel tightening with 10,8 and 6 bolts; Spindle changing from 6 to 5 spindles fit for 10 and 12 bolt s tightening with automatic position changes;

3.Bolt fastening machine for the truck with steel plate spring (U bolt),balancing spindle which is normally 4 spindles ( 2 spindles is used in case of cost down);Bolt is either straight or angular;

4.Bolt tightening for the rod for counterforce and back support position and so on in heavy duty truck;

5.Bolt fastening machine for interior decorating parts and battery cover which is tightened by single spindle curved gun or handgun type bolt fastening machine ;Counterforce robot arm is used for big torque. 

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