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Textile  machinery industry

The line is equipped with oil filling device ( oil filling amount is  adjustable in the range of 2-10ml),vibration measurement device  ( Storage of measurement data and analysis of SPC),height measurement, oil misting device and test run after completing textile spindle  assembly. Make sure the textile spindle vibration and height value is acceptable. 

 Measuring line for textile spindle 

vibration and spindle height


The assembly line is used for the automatic measurement and grouping for bearing seat and bearing hole and then get them divided into 9 groups automatically according to the automatic distribution of rolling ball. The bearing is installed in the corresponding bearing hole and then automatically check the correctness of the bearing ball assembly and then assemble bearing and get sealed well for the fitting parts of bearing by automatic rotary press and riveting machine.



Automatic identification of assembly defect; Automatic non-contact measuring end surface run out for spindle seat connection parts with its resolution ratio of 1um;Automatic non- contact measuring the assembly status for inner location bushing.


Textile spindle assembly line                                      Assembly line for textile machine end                                 Assembly line for textile machine head

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