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The first TES system cement solidification line and automatic barrel decapping, capping and bolt fastening machine for nuclear waste disposal have  been developed successfully by Dexin Group in China in 2008.The equipment consists of machine bed,12 axis fastening system, bolt alignment inspection device, bolt hole position inspection device, steel barrel position device, automatic barrel lid grabbing device, automatic elevating device, automatic rotation device, electric control system and etc. It meet the special requirements for nuclear waste disposal with reliable structure and stable performance.  

1.Could work in unmanned environment with high reliability and automation;

2.The whole process starts from empty barrel coming in, automatic equipment jointing, bolt positioning, loosening, barrel lid grabbing, conveying empty barrel to loading area and then the barrel return after loading for another cycle of automatic equipment joint, bolt  hole positioning, barrel lid closing, bolt fastening and barrel leaving and the whole process  is finished automatically.   

3.It could replace the same type of foreign equipment with the excellent function and performance and has been used in domestic nuclear power factory and got rid of monopoly of foreign supplier in the nuclear power industry and filled in the domestic technology blank.      

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