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Bolt tightening machine

    The main characteristics of the bolt tightening machine is that space-saving is the first characteristic because of its small shape which is able to obtain more stability structurally.

    The second is that the software operation interface is simple and easy to understand, and the data can be traced back for monitoring which can give full play to our powerful effect with the observability. The third is that the controller use the latest digital technology and  reduce the old and complex structures with a variety of communication interface and control mode.


    The bolt tightening machine adopts lightweight high-speed motor, which improves the operability and productivity.U-bolt tightening machine including some different types and different environmental requirements can be well developed with our superior feelings and applications. Glue and plugging press assembly machine not only use electronic pulse technology to greatly reduce the operator's reaction force and labor intensity when tightening, but also is designed according to posh requirements to protect the environment. It is also very diverse In the products category , timing gear press assembly machine is worthy of our trust and choice.