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Bolt tightening machine for cylinder head

    Bolt tightening machine for cylinder head is designed ingeniously with a kind of simple structure and able to tighten multi-heel bolts at the same time and can adapt to the automatic tightening machine with different specifications of engine cylinder head.It has been playing a high-end advantage in the automatic effect and safe and reliable with full stability. What is displayed is also the aspect we need most, which improves the production efficiency and the tightening capacity with high-speed full digital control. All - round effect is constantly able to meet our use for cylinder head bolt tightening machine.  

    The external output data of cylinder head bolt tightening machine: free format function combined with the needs of users and is able to the output data to select output data freely. According to different purposes of use, the PLC output signal and product quality, maintenance status including torsion bar testing machine and upper dead center measuring equipment as well as manual tightening tools etc. constantly work out the types and applications we need. It is able to obtain proper result of adaptation in various circumstances. Cylinder head bolt tightening machine is stable and reliable with a strong effect in the new number.