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Winch tightening machine

    The tightening process of winch tightening machine is controlled by the controller software with high speed and powerful programming function which bring a high degree of convenience and the use of the process can be very convenient to meet our needs. Not only that it can have a strong sense of convenient operation in life. Effective measures have been taken in communication mode, data transmission, shielding and wiring to ensure the high-speed and reliable operation of the system. The winch tightening machine is convenient for both spindle shaft use and multi-spindles tightening machine integration and maintenance.

    The transmission parts of winch tightening machine are made of high quality alloy steel. with compact, durable and reliable tightening spindle. The use of value can show the high-end reliability and is convenient for our choice and application. It is high-speed digital control of tightening process, high precision, long service life and almost maintenance-free including-axis tightening machine, tire and nut tightening machine, crankshaft steel ball press machine, bearing press machine and various types are easy to use with diversification which are made of material with superior good characteristic of  corrosion resistance ,anti-aging, the long service life.