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Flywheel tightening machine

    After the tightening operation instruction is issued by the control system of the flywheel tightening machine, the signal directly enters the main control unit to generate reset and start control signals which directly enter the shaft control unit to reset it on the one hand. This principle is also very efficient and the use of the process is also able speed up to meet our needs. It is not only convenient to use, but also easy to operate and set parameters, maintain and operate. "OK" products could be judged automatically in the setting of press assembly conditions.

    Flywheel tightening machine in many industries and scope can meet our comprehensive use. Double-head stud tightening machine brings higher safety value, and there is a good effect of simple operation in the use of hub bolt pressing machine. Electromechanical integration design is designed ingeniously in structure. Valve lock clamping machine using high precision servo control system is able to achieve accurate positioning. Precision and flexible use of the effect is very convenient and worthy of our customers to choose and trust. The winch tightening machine is clean, light and convenient in appearance, and brings high efficiency and satisfaction, which is in line with our application. It is easy to use and safe.