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5 spindles tightening machine

    The 5 spindles tightening machine is composed of five spindles linkage intelligent servo tightening spindle with high-precision positioning, suspension balance system of winch tightening machine and general control system and so on. So it works very efficiently with the high convenience and speed. Crankshaft clearance measuring machine is able to work with rapid position change and fit to a variety of different product assembly requirements. Unqualified products can be prevented from flowing out of the production link efficiently and the torsion bar test machine is very convenient to use with complete function and 5 spindles tightening machine has a variety of control modes, torque control method, torque and angle control method. 

    The 5-spindles tightening machine adopts modular configuration design to support expansion and increase system components, such as code scanner, printer, remote controller of tightening tool calibration equipment, offline button, remote data exchange, etc with a very strong anti-interference effect and higher efficiency out of it. The application of high-precision torque sensor has a strong precision and the imported components with special protection design, impact resistance, anti-vibration are used. It is safe, convenient and reliable with strong adaptability and temperature resistance in application of them.