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Stud tightening machine

    Stud tightening machine adopts double-end vertical tightening mechanism with two tightening machines installed on the three-axis aluminum alloy steel structure. Flywheel tightening machine is able to achieve free movement in X,Y,Z axis arbitrary position and tighten the bolt or nut at any vertical position. It is very convenient to use, safe and reliable with high value and thus attracts attention and favor of our customers. In addition, the price is stable, which brings a sense of superiority and high intensity of use. Different tightening torque can be set with a torque sensor to enable overload protection function. Welcome to download it and the drawing contains STP format, which is convenient for other 3D software to open. 


    The stud tightening machine can simplify the replacement process of the tightening sleeve and reduce the labor intensity of the staff .Robot gluing machine improves the production efficiency .Another purpose of the technology is to provide an automatic bolt tightening machine which includes the sleeve adapter assembly. The valve rotating leak testing machine has the advantages of convenience and high value of use and provides a sleeve adapter assembly for an automatic bolt tightening machine. The engine crankshaft box leak testing machine includes a connecting shaft and a connecting shaft inserted at the connecting end of the connecting shaft.