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Tightening machine for camshaft cover

    The principle of the automatic position change device of camshaft cover tightening machine is the transmission tightening machine is aimed at the problem of tightening bolts of various types and single type with different spacing in the assembly process of CAM bush cover of engine cylinder head. These different designs are able to achieve our maximum satisfaction and application. Bearing press assembly machine has been widely used, such as engine assembly in the bottom oil panel, top cover cap, crankshaft oil seal, flywheel, CAM cap and so on, and can also play a good sense of our superiority for application .

    The torque increases continuously with tightening process of camshaft cover tightening machine. When it reach the set torque value, the squirrel-cage cylinder head turnover shaft control unit immediately issued a control signal to the motor drive and the servo motor  of cylinder head turn-over unit stop rotating immediately and complete the tightening work. It is very convenient for us to use, the key brings a sense of superiority and high reliability and can continue to speed up to meet our needs with high stability and safety for use.