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Press assembly machine for signal panel of rubber shock absorber

    The detection device of the press assembly machine for rubber shock absorber signal panel and the press head are installed on two identical mechanical arms respectively and  the two mechanical arms are installed on the sliding block of the frame beam. Automatic bolt feeding and tightening machine is also a popular way in structure. And the actual feeling and application effect is also very high-end and reliable. Its convenience meets our demands. The press assembly machine of rubber shock absorber signal panel is able to effectively reduce the error rate and misjudgment of data monitoring and checking by operators with high precision and stability.

    The press assembly machine for the rubber shock absorber signal panel is widely used and we often contact with electronics, home appliances, furniture and automotive industries in which we have a very high using effect and application experience. The sound is very small in the process of operation and the standardized track pallet is not only conducive to the well-being of the staff, but also to improve work efficiency greatly. Spindle assembly line for automotive shock absorber assembly, precision bearings, bearings are widely used and greatly facilitates the user's intuitive input and call of  production parameters.