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Gluing machine for engine oil panel

    Gluing machine is composed of gluing path movement system, electric control system, gluing feeding system, fixture system and additional system and etc. Additional system includes visual positioning system, testing system, safety system and glue cleaning system and etc.


    Gluing machine is able to follow the planned gluing path to put the glue evenly one the work pieces and mainly applied to engine oil panel, cylinder head, upper cover, flywheel cover and car window glass and etc.



    1.Gluing system is made by GRACO and able to realize quantitative, precise and even gluing on preset gluing path and gluing speed is adjustable in the range of 0~6m/min;

    2.Visual system could be added to realize automatic positioning before gluing and quality verification after gluing;

    3.Moving parts is either driven by robot arm or robot;

    4.Adopts NC control system and change the movement path easily and conveniently;

    5.Multi working station are designed to realize gluing on multiple type of work  pieces;

    6.With the function of automatic  glue cleaning and anti-gluing blocking system;.

    7.With the function of anti -invasion testing system and it is safe and reliable.