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Engine crankshaft turning-torque and axial clearance measuring machine


    Measuring the start up torque for engine crankshaft、 dynamic turning torque and crankshaft axial clearance.  



    1.Automatic measuring of static start up torque and dynamic turning torque;             

    2.Automatic measuring for crankshaft axial clearance with accuracy of 1um; 

    3.Dynamic measuring of multiple turning speed and  free setting of different turning speed in the range of 0-150rpm/min;

    4.All torque process monitoring and continuous dynamic curve displaying;   

    5.Data setting and modification is on display in Chinese interface under WinXP/ Win7;

    6.Tracking ,storage and printing out for data measuring and curve tracking;

    7.Indication of measuring status and alarm, data statistics and printing out;

    8.The characteristic for machine tool type equipment is that automatic transmission, charging, measuring or automatic grapping of work pieces to the measuring position and return the work pieces automatically after measuring..

    9.Fault analysis for defective products;

    10.The characteristic of hanging up measuring machine is space saving ,convenient and flexible operation.