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Vehicle torsion-bar spring test equipment ,bolt and fastener test equipment and etc.


    1.It could test torsion-bar both in right and left rotation and test times

      could be set;

    2.It could test the stiffness, elastic limit and residual deformation;  

    3.Rotation angle and test torque could be set;                                                    

    4.Real time and dynamic displaying for test torque and corner with                            

     measuring data and curve on LCD;

    5.Measuring result, curve and statistic report could be printed out with

     Chinese interface;

    6.Realize HMI under WinXP/ Win7 with easy operation, long time storage

      of test data for future reference;                                                            

     7.Replaceable jig could meet the demand for variety of work pieces with quickness and

      convenience for jig replacement;                                                                 

    8.Torque tolerance is ±2% and the residual deformation tolerance reached up to minute;

    9.Automatic realization of ten thousand times of fatigue test and storage of testing date with self service for torsion-bar;

    10.It could carry out relaxation test for torsion-bar and test time could be set with automatic storage of testing data;

     11.It could detect defects arising from material and production process with safety protection;

     12.With function for overload, over twisting and emergency stop;

     13.with function of sound and light indication and alarm for" OK" and "NG.