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Electric bolt tightening machine ,hold you tightly!

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Label for the article: Measuring machine for top dead center, manual tightening machine ,flywheel tightening machine, electric tightening machine

 Electric screw tightening machine is very convenient to use. The flywheel tightening machine brings the flexible use of the effect with high superiority and the use process can also be applied according to their own needs. With high reliability, high availability and high precision, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost. The manual tightening tool adopts high performance servo motor to realize high speed and large torque tightening, and can be used in multiple directions in working effect including service life and application value. It is safe, reliable, convenient and durable.

Electric bolt tightening machine adopts pre-calibrated high-quality torque sensor to realize accurate tightening. The use of TDC measurement equipment in precision will be diversified with a rich product lineup, straight handle type, eccentric type, elbow type, bending type, rotary type and other applications for different environments with different adaptability. Therefore, it can well meet our needs with high security and reliability. we provide special structure or more output torque, speed products according to customer needs.