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Transmission tightening machine-show itself calmly

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Label for the article: Hub bolt press assembly machine, rubber disk press assembly machine, camshaft cover tightening machine, transmission tightening machine

Transmission tighten torque fixed angle monitoring, the yield point control and a variety of tightening process is widely applied in numerous mechanism assembly because of their easiness , reliability and conveniences assembly. The bolt assembly is very common in some place especially the engine, compressor and transmission angle and position of bolt tightening assembly where the accuracy requirement is high in modern industrial process. However, in China, due to the radical process and other reasons, now widely used in the assembly line of pneumatic and hydraulic wrench.

It adopts multi-spindle tightening machine and greatly improve the production efficiency in case of tight production cycle.Tightening machine for transmission, multi-spindle tightening machine can be designed to automatic mode, the camshaft cover tightening machine, rubber disk press assembly machine, wheel hub bolts pressure machine greatly reduced the labor intensity of operators for the majority of Chinese users. Tighten bolts used in automobile industry assembly is a common phenomenon.