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5 spindles tightening machine--- closely linked

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In order to achieve the above purpose, five sets of central displacement devices are arranged in the 5-spindles tightening machine the technical scheme of the utility model for intelligent five-spindles to 4 spindles tightening machine is realized as follows, which mainly includes electronic control devices and reducers connected at both ends of the fixed disk; On the end face of the fixed disk.The winch tightening electric cabinet, u-type bolt tightening machine and cylinder head bolt tightening machine are usually used for tightening places of bolts and nuts of automobile wheels. The utility model relates to mechanical devices and equipment which relates to a tightening machine for fastening bolts and nuts of automobile, diesel engine, electric appliance and other components. Tightening machine in existing technology

In factories specializing in the production of automobile wheels, operators should fix the nuts according to the diameter of the nut center of different automobile wheels (for example, the diameter of the nut center is 335mm with a diameter of 285.75mm with a diameter of 275mm). Special machine increased the investment of equipment funds which significantly increased the processing cost of product components.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a five to four-spindles intelligent tightening machine with one machine for three USES which effectively reduced the processing cost of product components.