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Notes for use of tightening machine

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1. Safety precautions for use of tightening machine

⑴Improper handling and use of tightening machine in the process of use can cause unexpected accidents, shorten product life and reduce performance.

⑵When using the tightening machine, the operating manual of MOON automatic tightening machine must be read carefully and the product manual should be handed over to the user.

⑶According to the degree of danger, the safety precautions are divided into "danger", "warning" and "attention".

Danger: when the wrong operation occurs, there will be a dangerous accident which results in product damage, fire, personal injury or death!

Warning: in case of incorrect operation, dangerous accidents may occur which results in product damage, fire, personal injury or death!

Note: incorrect operation may result in product function loss or damage!

Even if marked is the case of matters needing attention, it will be different because of the situation, resulting in significant consequences!

Please pay attention!


1 Matters needing attention in setting

1.1.1 Please confirm good fixed direction. Warning

1.1.2  Please do not make machine drop or a strong impact on it. warning

1.1.3  Please don't set in the area near water, corrosive gas, flammable gas and combustible material. Dangerous


1.2 Matters needing attention when tightening the connecting cable of the machine

1.2.1  According to component model, please properly connected drive power supply. dangerous

1.2.2 Drives grounding terminals must be connected to grounding. warning

1.2.3 Please don't have the power supply directly connected to the motor. dangerous

1.2.4 Please don't have the power supply directly connected to the drive output terminals U, V, W.


1.2.5 Drive power terminal connection must use the attached insulating tube fixed terminal. warning

1.2.6 Motor power (U, V, W) cable, cable and encoder sensor cable must separate wiring. warning

1.2.7 Remove before wiring, please make sure the drive input power has been shut down, and the light of "CHARGE" out. warning

1.3 Matters needing attention during operation and operation of the tightening machine

1.3.1 System before, please confirm first, adjust the parameter Settings.  attention

1.3.2 In the operation of the system, must not touch the motor rotating parts. dangerous

1.3.3 In the operation of the system, must not touch the radiator. warning

1.3.4 In power off state, only can change the system connection. dangerous

1.4 Matters needing attention during maintenance and inspection of the tightening machine

1.4.1 After turn off the control power and drive power and CHARGE after the lights went out, just can maintenance checks.


1.4.2 Power on the terminal with high voltage, please do not contact with the hand. dangerous

1.4.3 Laypeople, please not do STH without authorization for maintenance, inspection, replacement parts and transformation. dangerous