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What does a flywheel bolt tightening machine do?

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Flywheel bolt tightening machine is a machine equipment used to tighten flywheel bolts. Flywheel bolts are usually used to connect the engine and transmission, and are important components in automobiles or other mechanical equipment. Tightening the flywheel bolts requires a very high torque and accuracy to ensure sufficient connection strength and not loosening or breaking.

Flywheel bolt tightening machines are usually composed of one or more rotating shafts or gears that can apply tremendous force to the flywheel bolts. The tightening machine usually uses hydraulic or pneumatic power source to control the tightening process by operating the hydraulic system or pressure system. Tightening machines typically have programmable control functions to enable precise tightening control as needed.
Flywheel bolt tightening machines are mainly used to tighten flywheel bolts in automotive engines and transmissions, but they are also widely used in other situations that require high-strength and high-precision tightening, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, and power fields.