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4-axis U-bolt tightening machine (FAW general assembly)

* : * : admin * : 2023/01/29 16:08:33 * : 32
The 4-axis U-bolt tightening machine (FAW general assembly) is one of many tightening machines, and brings a sense of safety and convenience. Small, cooling system: the oil seal press is energy-saving with few parts. It also saves space and can bring us the feeling we need when we use it. It adopts electromagnetic shielding device and digital processing technology, which has strong anti-interference ability and can be used in various harsh environments. The strong anti-interference ability also brings a lot of effects. It has more reasonable value in use and is convenient and durable.

The 4-axis U-bolt tightening machine (FAW general assembly) is simple and generous with a few buttons. With a service life of 30000 hours, the squirrel-cage cylinder head turner is tightened accurately for 1.5 million times. The super long service life of the bolt tightening machine also brings the advantages of saving costs and improving work efficiency. Conduct data analysis, data saving and data printing for the tightening data of each bolt. Therefore, it is popular with us in many units and occasions, convenient and reliable, and worthy of our trust and use. All kinds of automatic production equipment can reduce labor force and thus reduce costs.