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What are the main differences between servo press and hydraulic press?

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Dalian Dexin Electromechanical Department will tell you about the servo press, also known as the electronic press, and the hydraulic press as follows:

1、 Driving method: The precise numerical control electronic press is driven by the servo motor to conduct the pressure assembly operation of the high-precision ball screw, and the pressure is directly transformed from the torque output of the servo motor; Generally, the oil pump is driven by the motor, and the direction is changed by the reversing valve before the hydraulic cylinder performs pressure operation. The pressure of the hydraulic press passes through the oil pipe and valve body, and there is a certain loss.
2、 Energy conservation and environmental protection: The meticulous numerical control electronic press adopts a servo motor. In its standby state, the motor does not rotate. In addition, during the press fitting process, the speed and power change. While for general hydraulic press, the motor is always rotating during standby, which requires a certain amount of power. It also rotates at a constant speed during operation, so the power consumption will be higher. Generally, the noise of motor is higher than that of servo motor.