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Bolt (female) tightening machine for products in wind power and nuclear power industries

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Full automatic wind power pitch slewing support bolt tightening machine, full-automatic yaw slewing support bolt tightening machine, speed increaser and brake bolt tightening machine

1. Use 3000Nm to tighten the shaft; Torque range: 300~3000nm
2. One time clamping and positioning, fully automatically complete the tightening and re inspection process of the whole workpiece;
3. Automatic conversion of three surfaces, automatic detection of levelness and automatic positioning, and no manual intervention is required in the whole process;
4. There are graphical prompts on the screen during the tightening process, and there are also graphical instructions in case of problems, which is convenient to find;
5. The tightening sequence, mode and recheck mode can be programmed;
6. The distance between two shafts can be adjusted to adapt to different workpieces, with good flexibility;
7. The tightening data and re inspection data are automatically recorded, and the travel report can be checked or printed automatically;
8. It is equipped with graphical HMI and upper computer. It will conduct self-test and comparison every day after startup. If it is found that the upper and lower computers and the current settings are inconsistent with those before shutdown, it will automatically prompt for confirmation. If it is not confirmed, it will prevent misprocessing caused by system error or human error operation; There is also a strict confirmation process when replacing products. Ensure the reliability of processing.