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What is the main difference between servo press and hydraulic press?

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Servo press, also known as servo press, electronic press, differs from hydraulic press as follows:

1、 Driving mode: the servo press fitting machine uses the servo motor to drive the high-precision ball screw for pressure assembly, and the pressure is directly transformed by the torque output of the servo motor;
The ordinary hydraulic press is driven by the motor, the oil pump changes direction through the directional valve, and then the hydraulic cylinder performs pressure operation. Its pressure passes through the oil pipe and valve body, resulting in certain loss.
2、 Energy saving and environmental protection: the servo press fitting machine adopts a servo motor. In its standby state, the motor does not rotate, and in the press fitting process, the speed and power change.
For ordinary hydraulic press, the motor is always rotating during standby, which needs to consume a certain amount of power. It also rotates at a constant speed during work, and the power consumption will be higher than that. Compared with the servo motor, the noise of ordinary motor is also higher.
3、 Precise control: the servo press fitting machine can arbitrarily set multi-stage stroke speed, accurate displacement stop, accurate position stop, accurate arrival pressure stop, etc. within a certain range. The ordinary hydraulic press is affected by the tightness of pipeline, valve body and cylinder block, so it is impossible to have high precision control, and many of them are realized with the help of mechanical limit. If you want to approach the control accuracy of Electronic Press, the equipment cost will be much higher than that of electronic press, and the control is more complex.
4、 Function: the servo press fitting machine has the following functions:
A. Online press fitting quality judgment: the whole process curve of press fitting force and displacement can be displayed on the LCD touch screen; The whole process control can automatically determine whether the products are qualified at any stage of operation, and remove the defective products in real time, so as to realize online quality management;
B. The pressing force, pressing depth, pressing speed and pressure holding time can all be input on the operation panel, with friendly interface and simple operation;
C. You can customize, store and call 100 sets of press fitting programs by yourself: Seven press fitting modes can be selected to meet your different process needs;
D. By connecting the computer through the external port, the press fitting data can be stored in the computer to ensure the traceability of product processing data and facilitate production quality control and management;
E. Because the machine itself has accurate pressure and displacement control functions, it is not necessary to add hard limit on the tooling. When processing products of different specifications, it only needs to call different press fitting procedures. Therefore, it is easy to realize multi-purpose and flexible wire assembly of one machine.
Hydraulic press:
1. Low safety and high noise.
2. High power consumption and pollution.
3. Precision control is not easy.
4. Quality management is not easy.
5. High mold manufacturing cost.