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To be deserved to chose standard for press assembly machine for rubber disk

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Rubber disk press assembly machine is able to judge timely and accurately whether the magnitude of the interference is appropriate or nor and indicate together with the whole force and displacement of the pressure curve with a good disposal of the radical press which can only be pressed into and cannot be detected and solve the problem that universal testing machine with low power is not able to do mass production; All the structure of the equipment has been strengthened with the rigidity far beyond the general common press specifications and the adoption of whole dustproof .It can be announced to the device alarm to make the corresponding text reminder and can describe  press assembly curve for the force and displacement. It can check interference data and stiffness data.

Bit data history records is decided by U disk size and can be opened through the computer with EXCEL software to check. It is able to store 99999 sets of the commonly used setting parameters and the operator just press call in button and it become applicable which restricts the operator to correct parameter without any approval for transmission, the gear, the car chassis parts, piston pin press assembly machine, press assembly machine for signal panel of rubber shock absorber, signal panel press assembly machine, rear axle and car shock absorber device, precision bearings, bushings, car parts, water pump, turbocharger. sub carframe bushing, etc. It is also suitable for auto parts ,motor and other interference detection products as well.