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20 tightening machine for camshaft cover

* : * : admin * : 2021/11/30 11:30:00 * : 35
The working principle of the automatic displacement device of the 20 camshaft cover tightening machine. The transmission tightening machine aims at the problem of tightening multiple and single varieties of bolts with different spacing during the assembly of the camshaft pad cover of the engine cylinder head. We can achieve our satisfaction and application in these different designs. Bearing press fitting machine has been widely used, such as low oil shell, upper cover, crankshaft oil seal, flywheel, camshaft pad cover and so on, and can give full play to our feelings in use.

During the tightening process of the 20 axis camshaft cover tightening machine, the torque increases continuously with the tightening. When it reaches the set torque value, the shaft control unit of the squirrel cage cylinder head turnover machine immediately sends a control signal to the motor driver, and under the control of the driver, the servo motor of the cylinder head turnover machine immediately stops rotating to complete the tightening work. It is very convenient for us to use. The key brings a high sense of superiority and reliability. It can continuously speed up to meet our needs in use. It has high stability and security and is very convenient to use.