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Performance advantages of intelligent servo press fitting machine

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The servo press fitting machine is driven by servo motor, and the precision pressure assembly is carried out by high-precision ball screw. The press fitting force and press depth can be controlled in the whole process, so as to realize the precision press fitting of on-line quality management; The speed can be adjusted, the pressure and stroke can be controlled, the precision is high, the rigidity is good, and the application is very wide. Under the situation of paying attention to low-carbon and environmental protection, the prospect of servo press is still very broad.

The following describes the performance advantages of the lower servo press:

1. What other types of press mounting machines can not compare is high precision, which realizes the closed-loop control of whole process accurate pressure and displacement;

2. The energy-saving effect of servo press mounting machine is more than 80%, which meets the use requirements of dust-free workshop and is more environmentally friendly and safe;

3. During the operation and production of the press fitting machine, the curve diagram of the whole process of press fitting force and displacement will be displayed on the display screen, which can automatically judge whether the products are qualified, remove the unqualified products, and realize online quality management;

4. The pressing force, depth and holding time of the precision servo press can be input on the operation control panel, and the operation is very simple;

5. The servo press fitting machine can formulate, store and debug the press fitting procedures to meet the different requirements of different processes;

6. Through the USB interface, the pressed data can be stored in the mobile hard disk to ensure the traceability of product processing data and facilitate the control and management of production quality;

7. Since the press fitting machine itself has the ability of accurate pressure control and displacement control, there is no need to add hard limit. According to the processing requirements of the workpiece, just call different press fitting procedures.

Press mounting machines can be used in the fields of press mounting of automobile engine components, electronic parts, home appliance accessories, etc. it can be seen that servo press mounting machines replace hydraulic and pneumatic press mounting machines is the general trend of development in the future.