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Advantages and disadvantages of servo press fitting machine

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Servo press fitting machine is a necessary machine for pressing various bearings and parts. It has the advantages of convenient operation and small floor area. Servo press fitting machine is widely used in automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, motor, bearing, motor, engine, parts processing and other industries. Today, I will summarize the five advantages of servo press fitting machine.

1. Servo press fitting machine is a fast data measurement controller independently developed on the basis of industrial control computer, which can be well realized in position control: the pressure is applied to the product at a relatively slow and stable speed, the number of turns of each control motor is fixed, and its repeatability remains unchanged. After eliminating the transmission error, in the pressure control: the load sensing device with pressure measurement and control as the feedback element can effectively control the pressure at the speed of 1200 times per second to ensure that the pressure is within the range of error less than 1%; Thus, the accuracy of the closing height of the press is stable in the production process, the product burr is restrained, and the bad products are prevented.

2. The servo press fitting machine can control the pressure and displacement of stamping parts online. The pressure at any position or the position under any pressure can be effectively judged to meet the product pressing design index, effectively optimize the pressing process and provide basis for design. It can also control multi-stage and multi-mode composite pressing through software. The professionally developed control software ensures that the parameters such as pressing force, stop position, pressing speed and holding time are accurately controlled in the whole process, so as to achieve the whole process NC management.

3. The servo press fitting machine is programmed and controlled in the production and manufacturing process. It can be pressed according to different pressing processes for many times, which is an action process that cannot be completed by other hydraulic machines. The servo press fitting machine truly realizes one machine with multiple functions, reducing the overhead and floor area of the production line. Servo press fitting machine simplifies the production line, reduces the cost, effectively controls the product quality and saves the labor cost; When processing products of different specifications, only different press fitting programs need to be called, so it can easily realize one machine multi-purpose and flexible line assembly.

4. By scanning product labels and establishing the parameter database of important links of products, the servo press can check the product quantity of each factory, and track the data based on the massive data management of industrial computer, which is more convenient for management.

5. The energy-saving effect of the servo press is obvious. Because the servo motor is used as the power source, the torque can be output according to the load during use. In the process of idle reactive power return, the power loss of the servo motor is very small, and the power output of the servo motor is output on demand. Compared with the energy-saving effect of the pneumatic press, the energy-saving effect is very obvious and the economy is good, The energy saving rate is about 80%. Servo press fitting machine