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How to select the servo press according to the pressing process and pressing mode of the servo press

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The principle of high-precision electronic servo press is that the AC servo motor drives the high-precision ball screw to carry out the work of the high-precision working pressure assembly line. It can maintain the process feedback control of pressing force and deep pressing in the working pressure assembly line. The servo press for high-precision electronic devices is commonly known as the servo press. The servo press selects the DC servo motor driver, changes the rotation energy to the vertical direction according to the high-precision ball screw rod, manipulates the working pressure with the help of the force measuring sensor developed at the front end of the driver position, manipulates the part of the management method with the help of the servo motor, and additionally puts pressure on the other half of the work, Further, the equipment at the production and processing destination can operate the working pressure / termination position / driver speed / stop time anytime and anywhere, and can maintain the process feedback control of press fitting force and deep pressing in the working pressure assembly line; The large-scale touch control of the industrial touch screen is visualized and easy to operate. It is equipped with a safety grating. If a hand extends into the installation area during the whole installation process, the indenter will return automatically to ensure the safety of actual operation.

The whole process of press fitting

The whole pressing process of servo press / servo press / automatic servo press is divided into five links: quick release, detection, pressing, pressure maintaining and return. When starting, the equipment will automatically find the mechanical equipment endpoint or set the offset endpoint. After using the main parameters according to the software, press the start button, and the indenter will execute the program according to the settings. The mobile phone software can set multi-stage offset and energy resolution alarm. The output of a self-defined automobile relay can cooperate with each other, and the manipulator can work cooperatively and automatically. When pressing on the setting position, the pressure will be maintained according to the pressure holding time set by the customer. After the pressure holding time is completed, the pressure head will return to the set working end point at the set rate.

Press mounting method

A variety of press mounting modes can be set: stable press mounting rate, setting position termination, setting force termination, setting offset termination, etc. it is very easy to carry out several or multi-stage press mounting work standards.