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Working principle of tightening machine

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Working principle of tightening machine: the feedback electric signal from the head torque sensor is transmitted to the servo motor to drive the reducer, and then connected to the sensor to form a closed-loop control to meet the set torque requirements.

Servo motor + reducer + torque sensor = servo tightening machine

Servo motor: as power source, output power

Reducer: increase torque / torque

Torque sensor: detect torque, torque angle and servo motor to form a closed-loop control.

Main business of the company

1. Provide a series of standardized computer-controlled multi axis bolt (nut) tightening machines, control systems and bolt automatic feeding equipment (mainly used in automobile related industries, tractor agricultural machinery industry, high-speed rail / motor car industry, wind power industry, military industry, light industry, etc.).

2. All kinds of automatic transportation assembly lines and corresponding supporting equipment (mainly used for the assembly of engine, transmission, axle chassis, oil pump / water pump and other auto parts, and the transportation and assembly of electric vehicle motor, driver and other related products).

3. Provide all kinds of non-standard special machines and auxiliary equipment (such as press fitting machine, leak testing machine, CNC / robot gluing machine, turnover machine, ABS, rotary torque, piston protrusion and TDC).

4. Provide automation equipment integration, intelligent manufacturing and information management system;

5. Produce and sell environmental protection industrial washing machines;

6. Design and manufacture machine tool fixture of machining center;

7. Acting for foreign tightening tools

8. Promotion and application of robot products