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Tightening machine - problems encountered during operation

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Assembly manufacturers generally pay attention to cost, but it is obvious from the comparison of labor cost and production automation cost that automation is not to increase cost, on the contrary, automation is an effective guarantee to reduce cost. Automation can avoid the production deviation caused by labor cost and a series of costs caused by deviation, so that the produced products have no differentiation, which is conducive to large-scale production, Mass production, automation can provide users with stable products. Manual operation can never avoid human error and deviation. Labor cost is not a single cost problem. For large-scale mass production, labor cannot guarantee the reliability, stability and quality of production. At this time, automation is more important. Automatic production of equipment is not only the guarantee of reliable and predictable income, but also an important technical solution to ensure high quality, which cannot be replaced by manual operation. Automation also brings another advantage: it can quickly install and debug the equipment, so that customers can put into normal production and operation as soon as possible, save time and space for customers, and ensure that customers can quickly put into reliable production without deviation. Standardized production line without deviation is always to appeal to automation, and what we have to do is always this trend, go ahead.

Servo tightening machine - used for high torque precise torque control tightening equipment. It effectively guarantees a series of problems during tightening assembly, such as:

The wheel hub tightening bolt is broken, the tightening torque is too small, and the force cannot be accurately controlled. If the pressing force is too small, the bolt may loose due to vibration or cyclic load. If the pressing force is too large, it will easily lead to fracture and deformation of the connecting members.