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What is the safe operation procedure of tightening machine?

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Tightening machine is widely used in major automobile assembly lines, its working principle is very complex, just need to understand it, but in the operation, we must master the operation specification, especially the safety, to give you a specific introduction of the tightening machine safety operation rules.

1. Before operating the tightening machine, the staff must participate in the training, master the structural characteristics, performance, use method and operation process of the equipment, and be familiar with the daily maintenance. After passing the examination, they can formally operate the tightening machine.

2. In the operation of tightening machine, according to the requirements of the regulations, wear labor protection articles, protect their own safety.

3. The setting of various parameters and the selection of functions in the man-machine interface of the tightening machine can not be changed and adjusted at will. In addition, the pressure adjustment value of the pneumatic element can not be changed at will. This is very dangerous. When necessary, professional personnel should be allowed to operate.

4. Before the formal use of the tightening machine, check the horizontal position of the lower cantilever crane and column to see if there is any looseness or inclination, and then check whether the pressure of the lower gas path is normal, whether the load-bearing bolts are loose, etc. if the pressure is not within the normal range, or if there is air leakage, deal with it immediately until everything is normal After that, it can be turned on.

When operating the tightening machine, we must be familiar with the safety operation procedures, and do a good job in the protection work. In the process of tightening machine work, the staff can not enter the equipment

After the completion of the work, shut down the machine according to the requirements of the program, and then turn off the gas source and power supply. If any abnormal conditions are found, shut down the machine immediately. Do not let the tightening machine work with fault.