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What are the main features of tightening the shaft?

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Tightening shaft is a kind of special pneumatic tightening shaft product with elastic shaft with square head output, which will have a lot of good effects on industrial production and manufacturing. Of course, the specific characteristics of this kind of products are also a problem that people pay attention to, and it is very helpful for us to understand these.

1. It can provide special pneumatic tightening service with large torque range, fast rotation speed and elastic shaft with square head output, which is the basic feature of the product. After all, the tightening shaft is used for relevant tightening demand service industry, so the main feature is fast speed and large range.

2. This product can provide a variety of different torque values and speeds to meet different tightening needs, especially according to the current torque as a sign to judge the end of tightening. Generally speaking, when the torque value reaches the target, the set value of the torque will be based on the tightening degree of the tightening shaft to constantly judge the tightening angle, time and turns to see if it is within the set range.

3. It can realize different axis spacing, and can also carry out multi axis synchronous start, control and other functions, which is also a very key point, of course, we need to have enough single-level system to support this kind of axis coordinated action.

4. The motor has a long service life, can adapt to the high-intensity working environment, and is easy to control; three kinds of tightening process synchronization modes can meet the synchronous requirements of multi axis tightening system, but also save space, which is a compact design product.

5. It is widely used in automobile, engine, reducer, coupling, pump, motor and other automobile industries, meeting the technological requirements of tightening and loosening various nuts and bolts.

These are the basic features of the tightening shaft. These features make it more widely used and are worth purchasing and using. However, there are a variety of companies producing and manufacturing such objects in the market. In this process, users should grasp the key points of all aspects, learn to reasonably analyze product features and strive to select high-quality products.