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Precision intelligent servo press

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Precision intelligent servo press is called servo press for short. Its working principle is to drive high-precision ball screw by servo motor for precision pressure assembly. It can realize the closed-loop control of the whole process of pressing force and pressing depth in the pressure assembly operation.

Tonnage of relevant products: 0.5T 1t 2T 3T 5T 8t 10t

Scope of application:

1. Automobile industry: engine component press mounting (cylinder head, cylinder liner, oil seal, etc.) steering gear component press mounting, etc

2. Motor industry: micro motor assembly press mounting (spindle, shell, etc.) motor assembly press mounting (bearing, spindle, etc.).

3. Electronic industry: circuit board assembly pressing (plug-in, etc.), electronic parts pressing.

4. Other industries: home appliance industry, machinery industry and other occasions requiring precision CNC press mounting displacement and press mounting force.