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The selection method of automatic screwing machine

* : * : admin * : 2019/12/25 15:48:14 * : 49
Many processing factories have to use automatic screwing machine, so how to choose a better one? There are all kinds of automatic screwing machines on the market, which makes it impossible for customers to distinguish how to use each good automatic screwing machine. I think it takes only four steps:

First of all, check whether it is possible to brush and select: in the specific production and manufacturing, there will be situations of special-shaped screws such as burr, flat head, and large ones. Grasp a screw with a variety of special-shaped screws that do not conform to the specification and model, and put it into the bin. If the automatic screw machine can automatically screen out the special-shaped screws in the whole operation process, it is not easy to appear the screen, that is to say, it is the first standard for a good automatic screw machine.

Secondly, check whether the material can be replenished: when you carry out the first, the automatic screw machine automatically selects a special screw, there must be a gap; if the system software can immediately carry out the supplement, it is not easy to have a gap. It is the second standard of a good automatic screw machine.

Next, check whether there is floating teeth: in order to complete the special-shaped screws smoothly, the manufacturer will increase all safety channels, which will lead to the electric screwdriver mouth is not easy to point to the screw cross slot, resulting in the floating teeth of the lock screw, and the poor products will be lifted.

Finally, check whether the feeder is repeated: sometimes the previous one is still not clamped, and if you touch the data signal gently, another screw will be transported, i.e. double screw.

Therefore, the full-automatic screwing machine can be used. If the four steps are followed, automatic screening, full-automatic feeding, floating teeth or repeated feeding machine can be used. If these four steps are completely based on, that is to say, each automatic screw machine is relatively reliable.