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Influence of servo press on stamping process

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With the rapid development of automobile industry and the continuous improvement of stamping level, servo press is more and more widely used in automobile manufacturers, mainly using servo motor to convert the received electrical signal into angular displacement or angular speed output, which can control the speed and position very accurately, and meet the requirements of high precision and high controllability of press output. Servo press adopts high-power servo drive, which can not only improve the utilization rate of materials, but also improve the quality of parts, reduce the impact on the mold, greatly improve the life of the mold, thus saving the development cost of the mold. Therefore, since 2010, our company has fully researched the stamping process of servo press.

Advantages of servo press

From the analysis of stamping process, the main advantages of servo press are as follows:

① improve the material utilization rate of the whole vehicle and reduce the purchase cost of the whole vehicle;

② improve the quality of the formed parts and the surface quality to better control the accuracy of the parts;

③ reduce the impact on the mold, maximize the freedom of mold design, and reduce the investment cost of the mold;

④ in the aspect of mold maintenance and environmental noise, servo press is also much better than mechanical press. Therefore, the servo press has the advantages of mould, material, working environment and parts.

Test verification and analysis of servo press

Our company now selects some parts of a new model to be put into production for the comparison verification of mechanical press and servo press, and finds out the differences from the stamping process to demonstrate the technicality of servo press.