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Statement on“DEXIN” withdrawing from the election of top ten tightening machine brands in China

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Statement on "DEXIN" brand withdrawing from the "2018 top ten tightening machine brands in China" election activity 

Recently, we have no intention to be involved in an online poll on "top 10 Chinese tightening machine brands". Thanks to everyone's love, Dalian Dexin almost always occupied the top position in the whole voting activity. This really reflects the majority of users of the recognition for DEXIN brand. We are very grateful to all of you for your strong support to DEXIN in this election activity of tightening machine on line ! At the same time, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your love and care for DEXIN company. DEXIN company cannot achieve today's results without your care and support.DEXIN people will continue to work hard by innovation and improvement with first-class products, excellent quality and sincere service to pay back to the trust and support of new and old users and maintain a good reputation and image of China's first brand tightening machine.

At the same time, DAXIN DEXIN company hereby formally announces its withdrawal from the manpower wasting and meaningless "road vote"! Reasons: 1. We question whether the website has the qualification to evaluate the brand? Are the selected brands legal? 2. Can industrial products select real brands in this way? 3. Marathon public selection is not acceptable to end users! 4. Recently Organizer has no countermeasures on the defamation comments by the competitors and also no ability to distinguish true and false! In view of the above, we have solemnly sent the "withdrawal statement" and the lawyer's letter to the network organizer, but we were informed that it would take 7 days to reply! We'll see and reserve the right to Sue. 

DEXIN people will put energy, manpower, financial resources into the research and development of first-line products, adhering to the high development concept "excellent products, customer centered, service first, highest credit, embracing future with our wisdom" to win reputation and credit with quality and service and win the future with our products ! 



Dalian DEXIN M&E TECH engineering Co. Ltd


Nov22, 2018