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The function of bolt tightening machine

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The function of bolt tightening machine


1. Multi-spindles control mode.

2. Support bus communication function.

3. Various tightening methods are available. Torque method, angle method, yield method, etc. meet different tightening methods.

4. There are 8 groups of configuration parameters for users to use. When one group of parameters is not enough to meet the needs of users, it can be realized by using more than one group of parameters.

5. Support the synchronization function of multi-spindles system

6. IO control functions are supported

7. Support bus control functions

8, with self-diagnosis function and false torque judgment function and provide alarm output information.

9, with data storage, data statistical analysis, printing, reports and other functions

10. Powerful extension interface. Easy integration with multiple devices.

11, With rich and complete supporting software support, the real zero development system integration come into truth.