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Hub bolt press assembly machine, good feeling of application

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Hub bolt press assembly machine includes frame, pressing and assembling structure, hydraulic system, feeding and blanking working table, active dividing structure and electronic control system; The working table for material feeding and blanking includes the working table body, the fixing plate of the oil cylinder, the guide rail and the guide rail plate; Transmission tightening machine, rubber shock absorber signal plate press assembly machine, signal panel press assembly machine active dividing organization electric connection electric control system include horizontal oil cylinder, rotary table device, rotary table and motor; One end of the piston rod of the horizontal cylinder passes through the joint of the horizontal cylinder to connect the rotary table device seat and can push the rotary table device seat to move along the guide rail. 


The rotary table is uniformly provided with an active centering member along the circumferential surface; The electric control system includes an electric control box, a safety button box and a touch screen connected by a connector and an electric control box. Together it also includes PLC controlled  hydraulic valve, servo driver, cylinder displacement sensor and other electronic control components. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure design, compact, safe and reliable operation, high efficiency of hub bolt device, low reject rate and can be satisfied with the operation of hub bolt device of large quantities and multi-frequency., it is very simple to damage the end of the bolt due to using conservative device forming the whole product into residual products and waste products.