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5 spindles tightening machine with complete functions

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The force of 5 spindles tightening machine cannot be precisely controlled which results in too small compression force. U-type bolt tightening machine, cylinder head bolt tightening machine and tire nut tightening machine may be loose due to vibration or cyclic load. Pressure is too large, visibility: the software operation interface is simple and easy to understand and all data can be traced to the monitoring. It is easy to cause fracture and deformation of the connecting members.Small size and low interest: the controller adopts the latest digital technology, which reduces the various structures in the past, and is equipped with a variety of communication interfaces and control modes, eliminating various wiring operations and realizing the whole network system (DEVICE-NET).

INTER-BUS,PROFIBUS, CC-LINK and other bolts are broken, so it is very difficult to take out the broken part of the shaft in the hub, and it is also very difficult for professional technicians to pick up the broken shaft, and the cost is also very high. During the tightening process of the servo tightening machine, when the yield point of the tightening torque curve is tightened, the torque will be automatically controlled to ensure that the compression force of the product is accurate in the tightening assembly without fracture deformation due to excessive torque. In the process of production and assembly, the application of servo tightening machine reduces the labor intensity of employees, prevents quality accidents due to the fatigue of employees, improves product quality and reduces production cost.