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Servo tightening machine - the future trend of the industry

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Modern AC servo tightening machine system with its internal digital control loop has been everywhere after the transition from analog to digital such as phase change, current, speed and position control; It is mainly realized through new power semiconductor devices, such as high-performance DSP plus FPGA, and even servo tightening dedicated modules. Moreover, new power devices or modules will be updated every 2-2.5 years, new software algorithms will change with each passing day and servo tightening products of international manufacturers will be updated every 5 years or so -- in short, the product life cycle is getting shorter and faster. By summarizing the technical route and product route of domestic and foreign servo tightening manufacturers and combining with the changes of market demand, the following latest development trends of servo tightening systems can be seen:

High efficiency,

Although high efficiency has always been an important development subject of servo system, it still needs to be strengthened. Mainly including the high efficiency of the motor itself:

 For example, permanent magnet material performance improvement and better magnet installation structure design; It also includes high efficiency of the drive system, including optimization of the inverter drive circuit, optimization of acceleration and deceleration motion, regenerative braking and energy feedback, as well as better cooling methods.

 Direct drive includes turntable servo tightening machine drive with disc motor and linear servo drive with linear motor, which eliminates transmission error of intermediate mechanical transmission equipment (such as gear box), thus achieving high speed and high positioning accuracy. The linear motor is easy to change the shape of the characteristics and can make the use of linear mechanism of various devices to achieve miniaturization and lightweight.

The longitudinal integration of motor, feedback, control, drive and communication has become a development direction of the current low-power servo tightening system. Sometimes we call this kind of motor with integrated drive and communication intelligent motor, and sometimes we call the drive with integrated motion control and communication intelligent servo driver.The integration of motor, drive and control makes the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance more closely integrated. However, this method is faced with greater technical challenges and challenges of engineers' habits, so it is difficult to become a mainstream, and it is a small and distinctive part in the whole servo tightening market.